Sol Nocturno – Coffee Shared Among Friends 

Sol Nocturno is the name of a small coffee farm high in the mountains of Veracruz / México. Under the canopy of various trees, the coffee of Diego grows here, partly wild, who bought the land around 5 years ago to protect it and to be able to live from it with sustainable practices.

The joint project „Sol Nocturno“ springs from a close friendship and bond in similar values and goals between Diego and Luca, who met in México in 2019. 

The wish: to bring together a small community of people who feel like countering the anonymity in global supply chains with direct exchange and transparency. What shall emerge from this is a togetherness instead of an antagonism and a learning from each other and about coffee. In this way, the sustainable growth of the small coffee farm Sol Nocturno can be made possible together. With respect for each other and for the environment. 

Sol Nocturno is professionally supported by the farm Cafetal El Equimite and Ensambles Cafés Mexicanos, who take over the important tasks of post-harvest processing, quality control and exporting. 

What can’t be missing from such a personal and sustainable project is, of course, a sailing ship that comfortably rocks the precious beans from wave to wave. Anything else would be inconsistent. After several weeks of crossing, the coffee then lands in Hamburg almost free of emissions. After a joyful reception, it is then strapped onto cargo bikes and cycled to the direct import roastery Quijote in Hamburg. From there it is sent freshly roasted to the kitchens of Sol Nocturno’s friends.